What is Zenlist?

If you’re searching for a home, have you signed up for Zenlist?  Why has no one thought of this before? “Zenlist is godsend.” While we are still in this very competitive housing market, you are going to need an edge. We are providing that with our new app, Zenlist! Sure, there are real estate apps out there, actually there are tons of them. Where Zenlist differs is you are able to manage the entire buying process from start to finish on one app and see off market properties. Zenlist gives us an “easily digestible form for our buyers to see mobily on their phones.”  Oh and you can get access to properties before they hit the market, I think this just might be that edge that you needed. Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients, Theresa and Alejandro said “Zenlist made all the difference because we were able to see it before it hit the market.”


Now we have mentioned a few of the benefits that Zenlist can provide its buyers like off market properties and easy to understand functionality but that is not all it offers. You are able to communicate with your broker directly through the app so you can keep all records of your past conversations in one easily accessible place. Feel free to ask a question and just wait for us to answer while not interrupting your day. 


You are able to request showings and view all scheduling so we are always on the same page as you. If anything important may happen during the process do not worry about missing out because Zenlist will send you notifications. This is extremely important in a competitive market because speed could make all the difference.


Searching also couldn’t be easier as you are able to enter all the custom specifications that you need and tour each home virtually in order to pick out that perfect home. The only thing more important than the perfect home is the perfect neighborhood. Take a walk around the neighborhood!  Google earth is integrated into the app so you can walk around (virtually) while getting a feel for the area.  This is an amazing feature for anyone relocating to Chicago and needing to check out the neighborhoods before they can get to the city in person.


Buying a new home is exciting, especially now that you can utilize technology in order to do so. We must make sure though that we have access to things like floor plans, tax and assessor information. Before, this required going to multiple different websites to find the necessary information. Now it’s all in one place and there is nothing you won’t know about your dream home, making you educated and informed so you are ready to write that offer!

In a world where technology rules, it is important to have the best technology possible and that is Zenlist. Sure you might be able to buy a home without Zenlist, but if you ask our clients Theresa and Alejandro about finally getting their dream home, “That doesn’t happen if we don’t have the Zenlist app.”  In the increasingly competitive Chicago housing market, the Zenlist app helps us support and give our clients an edge when it comes to purchasing their next home.

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